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Round Metal Paint Can Tin Can

HT package was a leading supplier of quality empty tin cans, both lever lid paint tins and clouser cap tins, product packaging . We offer standard and custom made speciality sizes and shapes perfect tins for paint, chemical, commercial, office and home use.All our customers enjoy a fast,...

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HT package was a leading supplier of quality empty tin cans, both lever lid paint tins and clouser cap tins, product packaging . We offer standard and custom made speciality sizes and shapes perfect tins for paint, chemical, commercial, office and home use.All our customers enjoy a fast, responsive service, with bespoke products developed to meet individual requirements and project plans. 

Round tinplate packaging

Round tin can are the classic packaging for paint, lacquer and wood-stains. The shape is round, the trunk is straight (so it cannot be stacked) and there is a ring at the top in which the lid closes. The ring can be RL shaped (lid closes on the inside of the ring) or TT shaped (lid falls inside the ring and closes at three places as it were).


The size ranges from 50 ml to 50 litre. Nowadays, the most common round tinplate packaging ranges from 125 ml to 8 litre. The standard sizes are produced at high speed and are they are the most common type on sale at DIY shops. The diameter in combination with the height determines the capacity. The most standard diameters are: 60 mm, 73 mm, 99 mm, 108 mm, 153 mm, 167 mm and 178 mm.

In addition to the standard sizes, alternative sizes are also available for the European and the local market.


75 ml up to 8 litre

●75ml - 125 ml - 250 ml - 500 ml - 750 ml - 1 liter – 2.5 liter - 4 liter - 5 liter – 6 liter

●Standard diameter: 55mm, 60mm, 73mm, 84mm, 99mm, 108mm, 153mm, 167mm, 178mm

●Internal coating possible

●RL or TT lids (depending on size)

●Protact® protection possible

●Offset printing possible

●From 2 litre handle possible (or supplied separately)





The cylindrical tin packaging is often used because it is a tin container that can be closed relatively easily, effectively and quickly. It is a particularly suitable tin packaging for the colour mixing system, of which more and more paints are being sold. The ring at the top of the tin also gives it a robustness which the packaging needs for the shaking and mixing of the new generation of paints and lacquers.

Ultimate protection

Within the wide range of cylindrical tinplate packaging, internally blank or internally coated tin containers are available with lid. The introduction of new legislation has caused an enormous leap in the market share of water based paints and lacquers. This places new demands on tin packaging. We have of course responded to this development and have added the extra protection of Protact® laminated tin packaging to our range. The Protact® protection is most commonly applied to the fragile parts, which in fact creates a packaging that combines the advantages of plastic and tin. Rust on any part of the packaging is a thing of the past and the robustness and the tin's impenetrableness is safeguarded. The bottom and the outside of the ring also gain optimal protection.


The sizes from 2 litres upwards are usually provided with a handle in order to carry the container more easily and to enable people to hang it for example. Cylindrical containers can be decorated in different ways: labels, digital printing or offset printing. Labelling is a very common option. A cut-out has to be made for the bale ears in the sizes with a handle. Cylindrical tin containers are easier to label than conical tin containers, because of the straight shape of the trunk. In addition to this, the whole container can be labelled in one movement (unlike rectangular containers, which need 2 labels).

By far the most common method of printing containers is by offset printing. This printing technique does involve minimum printing orders.

Offset printing is a technique that is able to translate all the demands that may be made of a decorated container into a perfect looking product. The numbers at which offset printing becomes an attractive option are relatively high compared to digital printing.

Lids and closures

image005.gifRL lidimage007.gifTT lid

In principle, the cylindrical tin containers can be closed by hand. A lid shutting unit can relatively easily be integrated into the filling line at greater filling speeds. The smaller sizes (up to 1 litre) generally have RL closing. In this closing, the lid falls onto the inside of the ring and closes there as well. Some 500 ml and 750 ml tin containers have a TT closing. A TT closing has a double shape in the top of the ring, and the lid falls into the ring. The TT closing is particularly suited to adding colour to paints and lacquers (colour mixing system), because resealing is easiest and the quality of the reseal is highest. The car paintwork industry often works with a mixing lid. These generally connect best to TT closings.

In absolute terms of airtightness, the RL closing is a tighter closing than the TT closing. However, both varieties are very suitable for the packaging of paints and lacquers.

Transport and UN certification


UN certification

We are able to offer a UN certified version for the transport of hazardous materials in cylindrical tin containers. The UN certification is obtained through a special adhesive compound that is applied in the TT ring of the tin container. This sticks the lid even firmer onto the paint tin than normal.

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