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3500 Pieces 25 Liter Solvent Bucket And 1 Liter Paint Cans Sep 19, 2018

Saudi Arabia customer orders 3500 pieces 25 liter solvent bucket and 1 liter paint cans have all been loaded into containers, thank customers for their support and trust.

product information

Product Name: 25L tight head tin pail

Capacity: 25 liters

Material: tinplate

Thickness: 0.42mm Tinplate


Top diameter: 290mm

Bottom diameter: 275mm

Height: 460mm

Outside: Printing (CMYK and spot colors)

Inside: metal color (plain)

Cap type: TITEGRIP cap (metal cap)

Loading method: not stackable

40 containers can hold 1900 solvent barrels

2018-09-19 25 liter solvent bucket and 1 liter paint can.jpg